Jet VI Sailboat by Fabio Federici

Among the world’s finest sail boats, there’s probably one more name that’s waiting to sail through the oceans before it’s counted among the best. Designed by the Millennium Yacht Design Awards winner Fabio Federici, the Jet VI is a hydrofoils moved by the force of the wind. The elegant and sinuous style is inspired by the shapes typical of the Biodesign, but given Fabio’s desire for innovation, this structure has to hold more distinctive features than visible. So, ensuring good speed even in low wind situations, the Jet VI uses the hull in Kevlar and carbon fiber for extreme lightness despite its massive size. The structure of the sail in appearance and design similar to a windsurf kind, has the main advantage of being stiffer than a conventional sail, making it easier to control. Equipped with hydrojets coupled with an electric motor, the Jet VI features better navigation and mooring in the harbor. While the project is still on the papers, there’s no info on pricing, but we hope to see it sailing soon!

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 121

24060 Ranzanico BG - Italy


+39 3498447406